ARSA provides structural engineering designs, investigation and analysis services to clients on projects of every size and level of complexity.

In addition to the following engineering services our engineers are highly specialized in the areas of,

  • High-Rise building design in severe wind and seismic environment.
  • Multiple Levels of deep basement structures.
  • Optimization of foundation design by precise interpolation of soil capacity versus super structural loads and overturning building moments.

building structural design


  • We provide professional services for all building types, from state of the art to historic buildings, our projects range from small domestic to major projects of framed and multi-storey residential or commercial building design.
  • Our design expertise encompasses all conventionally adopted materials using recognized and advanced techniques.
  • We regularly design projects of reinforced concrete and steel framed construction, steel concrete and other composite construction, masonry, timber, structural aluminum and glass construction.
  • Dynamic analysis and design of more dynamically sensitive or critical structures can be undertaken.
  • Design is fully supported with computer structural analysis design aids and tools, including finite element model and space frame model structural analysis.
  • Design and drawing is output using CAD facilities.
  • We highly value and ensure development of a close working relationship with the client, Architect and other design professionals.

deep & shallow foundations


  • Foundation designs of the full spectrum of buildings and structures is undertaken including low rise to multi- storey structures.
  • We have expertise of foundation design of structures on difficult ground or with special design requirements.
  • Investigation to have a proper understanding of the ground and foundation conditions, including those of adjacent buildings and structures, is crucial to enable proper and efficient foundation design.
  • In addition to more straightforward conventional strip or pad foundation design more specialist foundation designs and analysis are undertaken. These include foundation immediate and long-term settlement analysis, bored and driven piled foundations, reinforced concrete ground beam, raft, deep and water retaining basement construction.
  • Design of foundations upon shrinkable clays soils. Design solutions adopting deep pad or piled foundations with reinforced concrete ground beams or slabs are regularly used where particular adverse ground conditions.
  • Foundations designed for dynamically sensitive or critical structures have been designed.
  • Designs of underpinning or other foundation stabilization or improvement works are part of the expert comprehensive design service we provide.

peer review & value engineering


  • The success of the project is based on the cost budgeted by the client, and therefore we design the structural elements of the building considering the budgeted cost. Thus, we provide the structural cost at initial design stages and ensure either there is no cost over-run or minimal cost variation at construction stage.

temporary works design


  • A design review is a milestone within a project design development process whereby the analysis and design is evaluated against its requirements in order to verify the outcomes of previous activities and identify and address the issues before committing to construction drawings.A professional review is a process that is instituted to ensure that the end result of a design or investigation meets particular standards, is comprehensive, and has not over-looked potentially critical issues, design errors and if there is any design deficiencies.A review may cover part or all of a principal consultant’s design and will generally be checking that recognized or specified processes of investigation, design, have been performed satisfactorily and correctly. Therefore, it is deemed necessary and vital that the scope and depth of the review is well defined. Any, inconsistency in compliance with the above requirement shall be identified and highlighted to the principal consultant and ensure such compliances are adhered.

refurbishment & conservation


  • More than one reasonable, safe and acceptable solution can often be applied to a particular design. This process of Value Engineering poses more challenging questions "Does the existing design in-efficient and will there be any better approach to enhance current design efficacy.Value Engineering (VE) process involve verification of detailed calculations or more simply require us to follow through the design process to verify that appropriate assumptions and standards have been used and the conclusions reached are sound in general engineering terms, and are consistent with the design process followed to justify our recommended alternate solution which would result into efficient and economical design.