In general, a reinforced concrete structural system is adopted throughout the building. The tower columns in the basement structure are arranged in a way to facilitate the proposed parking layout, driveway and ramp arrangement and while considering the spans at Transfer structure. And, the Transfer Structure is conceptualised based on typical shear wall arrangement as per architectural design intent.

There are 4-levels of basement car park thereby the structural system opted is to suit the parking/driveway and expected services in the basements. The basements floor heights are typically 3300mm including slab thickness except B01-GF the floor height is 4.6/6.6m.

The basement and tower columns/shear walls are typically arranged to accommodate car parking, driveways and ramp locations. 

Considering the limited basement floor heights and expected services, the flat slab with column drops are adopted throughout basement structure to facilitate services passing underneath slab soffit. However at underneath tower foot print beams are adopted to constitute frame action.

The Transfer & Podium Floor is located immediate above Basement-1 Floor. The podium slab is generally an area outside tower foot print at a level difference of 1.5m below with respect to Tower/Transfer floor level. The podium slab shall be designed to accommodate intended massive landscape with soil fill of 600mm and part of it for an additional load of fire engine driveway.

Therefore, to cater the above heavy loads, Flats PT Slab with column capitals is adopted at this level which facilitates to accommodate the services and to avail reasonable ceiling height as desired by architect. The actual slab drop at interface of tower foot print and outside tower region shall be concluded at later stage based on landscape detailing.

project details

  • Client : FHD – Fountain Head Design
  • Year of Design/Const : 2023 - Ongoing
  • Development Area : 1.3  Million/SQ.FT
  • No of Floors : 4B+GF+L40 = 45 Slabs
  • Scope of Work : Leading Structural Design
  • Project Status : Under Construction
  • Project Location : Kukatpally, Hyderabad