The tower G is office building encompass 3B+GF+P1+P2+45 typical floors. The foot print of tower measures a dimension of 75m X 48m. There are two levels of podium structures above ground floor at either side of the tower measuring dimensions of 34m and 28.3m.The structural framing constitutes a central core wall with peripheral blade columns continued all the way through 3 levels of basement car park till roof.

There are 4 moment resisting frames (MRF) along shorter direction of the building are adopted to resist the lateral loads induced in Y-axis. The beams connecting between the columns and main core wall at MRF are of sizes 600W X 900D. Besides the MRF all the peripheral beams are deepen to 900mm to contribute resisting in lateral and torsional effects.

The building sub-structure is 14 meter below the architectural ground level and 173.5 meter above ground level. The aspect ratio considering the least plan dimension is 3.61.

The proposed car park design at basements levels are based on grid dimension varies in the ranges of 4.5m/6.22m X 6.22m/7.08m. The primary beams along vertical direction are designed to receive secondary beams at mid spans are of size 450W X 600D, whereas the secondary beams running in horizontal directions are 300W X 600D. The beam are mainly governs by the limitations outlined by service engineers. The beams are design to carry the gravity and the part of lateral loads in accordance with their own stiffness. For details on lateral load path in basement refer section 3.6 of this report.

project details

  • Client : Wave Infratech Pvt Ltd.
  • Year of Design/Const : 2012 - 2014
  • No of Floors : 3B+G+51 = 54 Slabs
  • Architect : Nostri
  • Structural Consultant : AECOM India Limited
    Structural design led by Abdul Raoof
  • Project Status : Completed
  • Project Location : Noida Sector 25/32, India