The iconic high end condominium twin towers are located diagonally opposite petronas towers. There are 4 levels of basement car park. The basement excavation depth from raft bottom to natural ground level was in an order of about 16.5meters. The ground water table was identified at 6.5m from natural ground level. The deep excavation at prime locations of KLCC was challenging. There are four different options explored to arrive at reasonable shoring work at optimum cost.

On evaluation between pile and raft analysis, it was concluded that the raft foundation is ideal and most economical considering the available soil capacity at the foundation formation level and estimated super structure loads.

The basement car park floors are adopted with flat slab except the tower foot print where the beam frame structure is adopted. The blade columns are adopted to suit the architectural layout and the central core is utilized for latera load resisting system. At special locations the column which is not viable to consider in basement layout due to driveway locations is transferred at L4 with one floor depth transfer beam.

The terrace of both the towers are designed with swimming pools and associated deck arrangements.

project details

  • Client : Kuala Lumour City Centre Berhad, Malaysia
  • Year of Design/Const : 2000 - 2003
  • No of Floors : 4B+G+45 = 50 Slabs
  • Architect : Allen Jack Cottier (AJ+C), 59 Buckingham St, Surry Hills NSW, Australia
  • Structural Consultant : Sinclair Knight Metz, Sdn bhd Kuala Lumpur
    Structural design led by Abdul Raoof
  • Project Status : Completed
  • Project Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia