The proposed development International convention centre and Hotel is located in Thrissur, Kerala. This development comprises a Majestic Ball room, Dining/pre-function area and a Hotel with GF +11 Typical Floors +Terrace.

The double height main Dining Hall measure in an order of 26Mx34m which covers with steel roof/sheeting. The adjacent VIP dining area with single height covered with concrete roof as indicated below G+1. The double height majestic Ball room measuring a dimension of 23Mx38M is covered with steel roof/sheeting.The G+2 areas covers main kitchen at ground floor and utility and service areas are first floor level.

The expansion joint between grid lines 12-13 separates convention and Hotel block. The Hotel Block is located between grid lines 13-22 /H-W. The main Hotel block which consists of G+11+Terrace exists between 13-18/W-H.

Since the proposed ground floor slab is almost close to natural ground level and the adopted foundation system is pile foundation therefore the arrangement of structural system at ground floor is “slab on grade”. The average level difference between natural ground level and proposed ground level is in an order of 600m. Since all services are designed to be routed beneath ground slab therefore in the absence of detail routing it was directed by architect & services consultants to keep a provision of about 1250mm below the grade slab to accommodate expected services including required slope.

Therefore, due to the above fact that the pile cap/plinth beam are lowered by 1400mm from finished ground level 0.00=100.42. The plinth beams are connected to pile caps in either directions having top of pile cap and plinth beams at same levels. The pile-cap/plinth beam layout with reference to grade slab are demonstrated under Figures 3 & 4 below.

project details

  • Client : Lulu Group
  • Year of Design/Const : 2015 - 2018
  • Development Area : 0.17  Million/SQ.FT
  • No of Floors : G+14 = 15 Slabs
  • Architect : Khan Global Engineering, Bangalore
  • Scope of Work : Leading Structural Design
  • Project Status : Design and Development Stage
  • Project Location : Thrissur, Kerala