The proposed library building is being developed by SMVIT (Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute Of Technology) at Yehlanka, Bengaluru. The proposed development is planned within existing campus of SMVIT.

The total estimated built-area including terrace slab is in an order of 1,01,300 Sq-ft which is spread across the building heights over the floors 1B+GF+L1+L2+L3+TERR.

Reinforced concrete structural system is adopted throughout the building. However a part of large span localize areas and large span beams shall be addressed using post tensioned (PT) beams to achieve desired beam soffit which would also result feasible and economical solution against the conventional RC beam design. The partially adopted basement floor is surrounded with RC retaining wall. The main access to the basement floor is provided with slope corridor from either side of the development.

The extent of ground floor is larger than the basement foot print below, hence the suspended slab is designed within the basement foot print and the rest of slab is supported on compacted soil between plinth beams as grade slab. The maximum beam depth including slab thickness are 600mm. Some of the localized beams with larger spans are designed using post tension (PT) with beam depth limitation of 600mm.

The structural frame scheme at first floor thereby the extent of slab is resulting few columns at building periphery as free standing for a double/triple height till level-3. And, similar to ground floor the larger span beams spanning 14m with cross beams of span 11m is designed as PT beams and the rest of the beams are non-PT conventional RC beams.

project details

  • Client : DivyaSree Developers
  • Year of Design/Const : 2018 - 2021
  • Development Area : 0.1  Million/SQ.FT
  • No of Floors : B1+G+5 = 6 Slabs
  • Architect : Cadence Architect
  • Scope of Work : Leading Structural Design
  • Project Status : Completed
  • Project Location : Yalahanka