ARSA Engineering Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, is commissioned to undertake structural proof checking whereas ma Consultant, Hyderabad is a principal structural consultant. The proposed Suvarna Durga Retail/ Office building consists of 4B+GF+33 Floors = 38 Slabs with basement depth 18.45m plus building height above ground floor 147.95 m (Total building height = 166.5m). The building step in at every 4 floors by 1.0 m from all 4 sides.

The adopted structural system comprises of conventional reinforced concrete frame, shear walls with PT slabs. Generally, all the internal panels are adopted as flats slab (PT) with thickness varies 280-350 and the localize column drops of thickness varies 550-650 mm. The ordinary moment frames are adopted along building periphery using RC beam 450×650.

project details

  • Client : Suvernadurga-Vamsiram, Hyderabad
  • Year of Design/Const : 2019 - 2020
  • Development Area : 0.94  Million/SQ.FT
  • No of Floors : 3B+GF+28+ = 32 Slabs
  • Architect : Genesis Planners, Hyderabad
  • Scope of Work : Peer Review
  • Project Status : Completed
  • Project Location : Nanakuramguda, Hyderabad